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Your child doesn’t have to be the traditional “A-B” student to be highly successful!

Imagine your child who has a mild learning difficulty with improved confidence and improved motivation to learn.

Then envision them happy and successful. YOU can make a huge impact in getting them there by doing 8 key actions that Master Parents do to make their child feel less anxious about their limitations and instead feel good about their natural strengths that lead to them living a more fulfilled and successful life!

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Hello There! I’m Jessika Shields and I’ve been coaching parents in the education space for nearly 20 years. I help concerned parents of children with mild learning difficulties improve confidence so that they are happier and more motivated to learn.

Are you a concerned parent who wants to find solutions to addressing your child’s self-doubt and confidence issues, but you don’t know how to break through the mental roadblocks that get in the way? You’ve tried therapy and that became time-consuming and expensive over time, and your child is still struggling with negative self-talk and feelings of failure. Maybe you and your child feel stressed about the time you’ve put in and the growth just isn’t there. Listen. I’ve been there.

In the past, my son who was diagnosed with ADHD struggled with self-esteem and self-worth issues and every therapy session and after school resource only produced small gains. The long term benefits that I was looking for just were not there. Finally, I began to lean into his strengths, and he began to find joy in doing more of what he already loved to do, which was for him, computer programming. After I started focusing more on his natural talents, he finally found his true motivation for learning.

If you want to finally make changes that will make a greater impact on your child’s self-confidence without causing more stress, I can help you with my Building Child Confidence Through Strengths program, where I use my signature framework to guide you in helping your child go from struggling with feelings of not being smart enough to improved confidence and improved motivation to learn.

As a Licensed Educational Psychologist, I’ve helped hundreds of parents who have children with mild learning difficulties identify their child’s strengths, using them to improve confidence and courage. Clients say that the knowledge that I bring to the table is clear, simple to put into place, and supportive for addressing the needs of their child. If you are ready to finally watch your child go from struggling with feelings of inadequacy and a “can’t do” attitude to having improved confidence and willingness to do hard things, please click below to schedule your FREE 15-minute consultation today. We’ll look at where you and your child are, where you want your child to go, and how I can help. Again, click the link to schedule your complimentary 15-minute consultation, and let’s begin the journey together. I can’t wait to meet you soon!


“My child has some struggles with anxiety, and I wasn’t sure how to help. After meeting Jessika, I know what I need to do to provide the support my child needs. I am so inspired and hopeful that what I learned will provide many open doors and possibilities for healing!”
Yakelin C.

Parent Testimonial Story – MaryBeth L.

The Building Child Confidence Through Strengths Program is proven to help you improve your child’s confidence, motivation to learn, and overall school performance so that they can live a happier and more purposeful life.


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