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The Inspiration Behind the Work

When Jessika was a young girl, she was inspired and encouraged by countless people in her life. Her mother, a single mother of three, worked hard to provide for the family, but despite difficult circumstances, a passion for education and a better life motivated Jessika to seize every opportunity that life had to offer. She was able to leverage her strengths in order to achieve her life’s goals. Most importantly, she learned two important lessons. One, education is the key to success, and two, use your own gifts and talents to help others achieve, as well.

As an educator and licensed educational psychologist, her career has been built upon these two principles – educating and helping others achieve. As a wife and mother of four, she knows all too well the challenges that come with trying to do what is in the best interest of your children and family in order to succeed, and this is why she started Stronger Minds, Stronger Youth, a go-to resource for parent education and child confidence building support. Jessika has a passion for helping parents navigate the nuances of raising successful children, and shares with others her knowledge and expertise about parenting, education, and mental wellness to foster a stronger community for future generations to come. Stronger Minds, Stronger Youth provides parents with coaching services and mentorship to help you get your child feeling like they are capable of success. 

In addition, Jessika is the host of the Parent Them Successful podcast where she continues to share a wealth of knowledge to help parents gain a sense of control over their children’s education, growth, and development. Jessika utilizes both her company and podcast to provide parents with resources that help them make meaningful connections that empower them to go from guessing about what to do to taking strategic, actionable steps in finding solutions to problems that arise, and Jessika is your trusted guide that will help you get there.


52 Weeks of Inspiration: Activating Your Inner Strength

This journal provides weekly inspirational content to help the reader reflect on moments of strength in order to endure hardships or adversity. Through the use of positive psychology and a strengths-based approach, individuals will gain key insights on how to reframe and interrupt negative thoughts through the use of thought replacement strategies. This book is great for adults and teens. Available in e-book and paperback formats.

Don't Feed the Monster

In the book, Don’t Feed the Monster, three young siblings are constantly arguing. The quarreling creates a monster that is fed by their growing anger. The monster grows as the siblings continue to fuss and fight. The parents eventually call an important meeting to address the issue. Don’t Feed the Monster is a story about compassion, respect, and forgiveness and also addresses how families can strive to achieve peace and harmony in the home.

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