I’ve been talking to many parents of children with mild learning difficulties and they always tell me, “I wish my kid could see the potential that I see in him [or her]!”

Man! It’s so disheartening to hear this! Our children who are struggling to learn are the ones who are often teased about their disabilities and made to feel ashamed about their limitations. What does this do to their self-confidence? Well, you probably already know! It makes them feel even worse about themselves, and as parents, we feel bad for them because it seems like we cannot make it better. We cannot control how other kids behave. We cannot control how our children initially react in the face of these social interactions!

But what we can do is help them build their confidence. There are specific ways to do this. One way is to show them that they have things that they are good at and help them to see it, too. Even for us, when we are doing the things that we are good at, we begin to feel good about our abilities, too!

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