Parent I.M.P.A.C.T. Program

Finally, a Coach for the parents of children with mild learning difficulties who struggle with confidence and motivation to learn.
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Intensive Mentoring Promoting the Achievement
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– Jessika


Most parents of children with mild learning difficulties who struggle with confidence and self-esteem issues don’t focus on the right solution – STRENGTHS! Without understanding your child’s true innate gifts, you remain in a constant cycle of trying to fix their weaknesses, which leads to more stress and frustration for both you and your child; but when you begin to focus on what they CAN do, you begin to see improved confidence and improved effort, so that your child is happier and more motivated to learn. Focusing on their strengths is what will change the narrative!

From navigating the uncertainties about your child’s education to dealing with the frustrations of difficult parent-child dynamics, Licensed Educational Psychologist, Jessika Shields, is here to help your household find ways to live a happier, healthier life. With Jessika, you don’t have to navigate parenting challenges on your own because she is in your corner to help.

Jessika’s strengths-based parenting approach using her signature Building Child Confidence Through Strengths framework helps parents learn more about their parenting strengths and how to effectively nurture their child’s strengths in order to better advocate for their child’s overall well-being, academically, socially, and emotionally. Your family deserves to thrive for generations to come!


By the end of this 8-week program, you will…

  • gain more clarity about how your personality strengths can help you develop your child’s innate talents into strengths,
  • strategically ensure that other adults in your child’s life are nurturing your child’s strengths with intentionality,
  • develop more confidence in your ability to advocate for and support your child’s academic journey, and
  • be more intention in building up your child’s self-confidence.

If your child has had a long battle with feelings of inadequacy and mental defeat, it’s time to CHANGE THE NARRATIVE! Your child will THRIVE because of YOU!

Appointments slots fill up quickly, so act now!

What Else Should I Know About the Parent I.M.P.A.C.T. Program?

Parents will meet virtually in a group setting twice a month (totaling 4 sessions) to gain insights and knowledge about how to use the strategies for combating difficult situations in the home and/or school environment. Parents will be able to get specific clarity and direction that addresses their personal needs and will be challenged to apply newly learned skills to address areas of concern.

Monthly support and accountability is embedded for 1 year upon starting the program.

What Else Is Included In the Program?

GOOD NEWS! Get ready to STRENGTHEN the mind. For all new members, you will get instant access to Stronger Minds, Stronger Youth resources to give you more support along your journey!  

  • 1-year subscription to the Members-Only EmPOWERhouse Academy portal. Includes access to monthly LIVE training and Q&A events & all included resources. 
  • Access to the Exclusive Masterclass: Unlock Your Child’s Potential By Parenting from Their Strengths! Plus all materials included! (a $2,048 value) 
  • Up to two additional strengths-based personality assessments – child and/or adult with in-group consultation to discuss results. (a $650 value)
  • Access to the Mini Skills Course: How to Ask Your Child’s Teacher the RIGHT Questions When There Is A Problem (a $299 value)
  • An opportunity to be a special guest on the Parent Them Successful podcast to share your journey, inspiring others! (Priceless)
  • An individualized experience within a group setting to address your specific needs and concerns.
  • Motivational bonuses and surprises along the journey!

*This program can also be offered as a private experience. Costs may vary.

    Appointments slots fill up quickly, so act now!

    My child has struggled to keep up with school work for years and trying to get answers from school assessment teams was nearly impossible, but Stronger Minds, Stronger Youth guided me through the next steps of getting my daughter the help she deserves! Now we are so much closer to getting her what she needs!

    Mary Beth L.

    Before reaching out to Jessika, I was unsure about how to approach the schools to get my son with Autism more opportunities in his high school experience. Jessika was very helpful presenting the various options and resources that are available for me, so that I can help my sonNow I have a plan!

    Arnold D.

    It has been a challenge know just how to advocate for my son! It was unsure about how to start. Jessika provided me with important information and steps I need to take in order to prepare for his future. Everything I learned from her was very helpful!

    Annette V.

    Before I met Jessika, I had a lot of unknowns about how my child with special needs would be prepared for the future. I did not know my options as a parent in what I needed to do to advocate and prepare. She gave me some answers –  what to ask my child and what to expect from the IEP team. I am confident that my child will thrive!

    Tisha D.

    I had been unclear about what was going on developmentally for my child. Autism was something I thought may be the issue, but Jessika has taught me that there are a number of reasons why my child may have developmental delays. I now have more clarity about what I need to do in order to get the next level of support for my child so that critical intervention time is not lost! 

    Mary P.

    My child has some struggles with anxiety, and I wasn’t sure how to help. After meeting Jessika, I know what I need to do to provide the support my child needs. I am so inspired and hopeful that what I learned will provide many open doors and possibilities for healing!

    Yakelin C.

    Are you finally ready to get different results?

    You can either continue down the path of trying to figure things out alone, the path you have already been traveling, or you can choose the road less traveled. The path of trying to figure things out alone will probably result in you feeling the same frustrations you’ve always felt.

    But if you want something different to happen, if you want to be more intentional in your parenting, you’re going to have to do something different. Make a new choice and give your child the best opportunities possible to thrive. Remember that your investment in your own development will multiply tenfold in your child’s life. Apply for the Parent I.M.P.A.C.T. Program today!

    Appointments slots fill up quickly, so act now!