If you are a parent with a child who has a learning difficulty, then you know all too well that sometimes others do not see how smart and capable your child is. They often will see and focus on your child’s limitations OR they will pretend that there isn’t a problem and that the problem can be easily solved. These two approaches are detrimental to a child’s confidence and growth!

Whether these “other” people are trying to be nice or simply can’t see what great things your child can do is harming not only your child’s self-confidence but yours, too. When parents constantly hear negative narratives about their child, these narratives become internalized and cause even deeper frustration and sometimes resentment toward the situation in and of itself, and of course, this is not a healthy state of mind to be in.

That’s why it’s so important to stop and reflect on the facts of the situation and then reflect on actions that you can take that are within your control that will better position your child for future success. Other people’s narratives do not have to be adopted by you, and because of the steps that you take to change those counterproductive narratives, your child’s strengths will become the focus of attention!

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