A weekend reset is what many families look forward to. It is that coveted time where you get to really live life to the fullest, especially if it is a 3-day weekend – a fav of many!!! Well, weekends can be a great time to maximize the benefit of just being with one another at home. There are so many things you can do that are simple that also provide tons of enjoyment together.

This month, we have been really looking at several ways to maximize the enjoyment within our short weekend time. Here are four ways to reset and reconnect:

  1. Taking nature walk breaks
  2. Getting outdoors
  3. Baking or cooking together
  4. Trying something new

This week, we will focus on the benefits of simply getting outdoors together.

Getting Outdoors

There are so many benefits to being outdoors such as the fact that being in nature simply boosts life satisfaction. How about the fact that it elevates Vitamin D levels from being in the sun. Did you know that being outdoors can reduce inflammation and somehow improve sleep, too? Maybe that’s why when toddlers spend a lot of time playing outdoors, that after a bath, they sleep so well the same night. Do you remember that as a child? The harder you played, the harder you slept. And of course, another great benefit to being outdoors is the fact that it helps you burn more calories! Maybe that’s why your little one is so hungry after playing in the sun for awhile. Nevertheless, being outdoors can bring a lot of enjoyment to your weekend. Try some of the following outdoor activities as a family to increase the fun at home on the weekend:

  • Throw around the football or kick around the soccer ball.
  • Ride bikes together. 
  • Walk to a close park and allow your child to take a scooter. 
  • Work in the garden together and watch mother nature do her magic. 
  • Race each other up and down the sidewalk.
  • Play tag or hide-and-seek.
  • Have a picnic in the yard. Allow your child to help you plan the menu.

These are all great ways to connect environment around you while fun time together on the weekend. You don’t always have to plan elaborate vacations or take trips across town in order to find enjoyment on the weekend. Remember, in the parenting long game, these types of activities will definitely imprint enjoyable memories that your child will remember most from spending time with you.

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