Sleep is often overlooked when problems arise and behavioral struggles occur. Think about a 2-year old for a moment. What happens when they don’t get their noonday nap? Possibly more tantrums, an uptick in active behaviors, or even mood swings.

Well, the same goes for children of all ages (and some adults too). When we are thinking about life balance for children, we must not discount the impact that sleep has on the body – mentally and physically. Research has found that lack of sleep impairs cognition plus other body functions, and when an individual is even mildly sleep deprived, they experience slowed reaction or reflexes and impaired judgement and decision making. So as a society, we really need to put more emphasis on sleep health and the benefits that come with it.

Sleep health as it relates to your child’s life balance is important to understand. In order for children to perform optimally and think or process information more clearly, they need good sleep habits. Sleep impacts the brain’s emotional regulation system, so a good night’s rest can positively impact how a child interacts with academic and social demands throughout the day. When a child does not get the rest needed to manage everyday situations, oftentimes they will show more dysregulated behavior and will have difficulty attending to those demands that are placed on them within the environment.

So the bottom line here is to make sure your child is getting enough QUALITY sleep to help them stay balanced and to help them thrive!

In the EmPOWERhouse Academy, we devote an entire course to cultivating the sleep health of your children. If you need support in this area, let us guide you in that process. There is so much more you can do to settle ensure that they are getting the sleep they need to thrive. We are here to partner with you in giving your child the best opportunities in life possible!

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