I’m Jessika Shields

Educator & Coach

Helping Youth & Families Find Their Inner Strength

Youth Workshops

Helping children of all ages utilize their strengths to win at life by offering a variety of topics to help build skills needed for success.

Parent Trainings

Proving parents and caregivers with the tools needed to help their children succeed.

Little Girl

Unlock Their Full Potential


Children are a gift and a blessing, but sometimes they need help seeing it this way or sometimes they need an extra boost of skills and confidence. Parents and caregivers sometimes need skills to help bring out the very best in children so they can walk along the path to becoming well-rounded adults. Let me help you and your child be the light! This world needs you!

Little Girl

Invest In Your Child's Future

Our youth are growing up in a very different world from what their parents may have experienced. There are so many more distractions that can take them off course. However, by teaching children how to access their inner strength, they develop the skills needed to overcome obstacles and challenges that today’s world poses. Parents and caregivers are an important part of this equation, too!