For the month of December, we are focusing on the power of one! So, as you reflect this holiday season, know that what you do is never in vain. The sacrifices that you make – no matter how big or small – all add up and communicate to your child that they are loved and supported. Whether it’s taking them to soccer or dance practice or whether is working a second job to ensure they have what they need, the way you love is powerful.

A research story published by Harvard’s Graduate School of Education stated, “the developing brain relies upon the consistent ‘serve and return’ interactions that happen between a young child and a primary caregiver…When these interactions occur regularly, they provide the scaffolding that helps build ‘key capacities — such as the ability to plan, monitor, and regulate be­havior, and adapt to changing circumstances — that enable children to respond to adversity and to thrive.’” In other words, continue to be a steady supportive force in their lives to better prepare them for inevitable ups and downs that come with life, which is simply a part of growing up, and more so, to thrive in life.

This week’s heartwarming story is a Disney short film that wonderfully illustrates how important simply showing up consistently in our children’s lives can make a greater impact on their character. Additionally, it reminds us that that one caring adult can be someone other than a parent. The power of one is powerful. Watch it now and let your heart be warmed.

Click here to watch!

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Never underestimate the power of YOU!

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