The COVID-19 pandemic has added more concern regarding its impact on children. Based on what we know about ACEs, it is important to recognize just how vulnerable our children are in this moment in time. Children’s brains are still developing and they rely so much on adult support to help them regulate their emotions, appropriately. They are still learning how to label their feelings and how to control the way they respond to difficult circumstances.

Children who already have an emotional, developmental or behavioral disorder are even more susceptible to ACEs and are at heightened risk for extremely negative future outcomes. Children rely on adults to be informed about how to minimize the impact of trauma in order for them to overcome hardship and adversity. They depend so much on adults to guide them even after experiencing a number of traumatic events in their life.

The most effective parents are aware of their children’s emotional triggers and are able to give them the right amount of support that can aide in building healthy families early in life. Giving children the right support can help prevent or minimize the number of ACEs in a child’s life and reduce their damaging effects.

Let us guide you in that process. There is so much more you can do to protect your child from ACEs. Teaching them resilience is just one of them!

Learning how to support your child emotionally and be a part of a community of parents who simply want the best for their child. We are here to partner with you in giving your child the best opportunities in life possible!

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