What would life be like for our children if we intentionally nurtured their passions? What future possibilities would unfold for them?

Nurturing young children’s creative potential is important and stands at the center of preparing children for life. Creativity involves adaptability and flexibility of thought, which is very critical for students in reports on education. Creativity stands at the center of educating children who will be the scientists, inventors, artists, musicians, dramatists, innovators, and problem solvers of the future.

According to the Early Childhood Education Journal, the creative family environment stimulates independence by providing both the freedom and the psychological safety to explore, experiment, and make decisions by allowing children the freedom to express both negative and positive feelings and by encouraging children to take risks with new and unfamiliar ideas. These enriched learning environments value play and provide creative and flexible role models.

And that is exactly what this dad understood! He recognized something special about his then 3-year old’s passion for face painting. Now, he could have told her to clean up and stop making such a mess, but instead, this master parent did something very different. Watch now to see how he ceased the opportunity to nurture his child’s natural gift, which is already opening doors for her future.

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