Summertime is a great for leaning into your child’s natural interests. There is a little bit more freedom and flexibility with your time and you may not have as busy schedule as you would during the school year! That is what makes this a great opportunity to do more of the things that your child enjoys!

But why is this so important and what does it have to do with confidence?

Building your child’s confidence always starts with looking at their natural interests and strengths. It’s where they can feel as if they are in their element. It’s a place where they feel good about their abilities. That is the actual definition of self-confidence. It’s more about your perception of your ability rather than the perception of yourself (self-esteem). Having good self-confidence is more closely tied to achievement whereas there is little to no evidence of self-esteem being tied to achievement at all. When you focus on improving your child’s self-confidence, then you have more leverage to help them improve their motivation to learn.

I often talk about a child’s motivation to learn because it is one of the major hallmarks of education. Without a motivation to learn, there is no learning, and that’s why this is so critical to turning around false narratives and false beliefs that your child may have about their abilities.

So this summer, take time to give them the enrichment opportunities that are going to feed their souls because of the deep innate connection they have to engaging in such activities. It will give them an outlet as they recover from the past school year.

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