When you are in the moment, sacrificing day in and day out, you may not see your impact! But for many who have raised children can often look back in hindsight and see just how big of an impact they made in their child’s success. As we continue to focus on the power of one this month, please keep in mind that the fruits of your labor of love grow over time and that it important to stay consistent and steadfast as you support the children in your life.

It could be especially difficult if you have a child who has a mental or physical disability. There are additional challenges to consider in those types of situations; but nevertheless, remember that every child who winds up doing well has had at least one stable and committed relationship with a supportive adult.

This is why we wanted to share heartwarming stories of triumph and resilience that demonstrate what the power of one can do in a child’s life. This week’s story comes from the power of one dad who did not allow his child’s disability stand in the way of him fully embracing his gifts and talents despite his physical limitations. Click below to see how the power of one has made a positive impact on this young man’s life. The reward is greater than the sacrifice.

Watch here!

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Always remember that you can make a huge difference in your child’s life.

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